Fate Bestiary

This collects FATE SF's creations, whether aliens, creatures, monsters, mutants, or robots! For a guide to the creatures most likely and capable of using the kind of magic found in the Galactic Grimoire, there is a sub-list here.

Alien Humans - Strange visitors from The Degenerate Era (FAE)

Anapa - Anubian sorceror-scientists

Attendants - Flamboyant moravec servants of the ultra-rich (Strange Stars Fate Core)

Autodidacta - The machine-bugs known as Clark Novas have moved on to other worlds - but perhaps they were always already out there. An other-Burroughsian Clever artifact-monster for FAE.

Avatar of Paradox - The mechform of the downloaded AI pilot from a Paradox-Class Imperial Gateship

Azwaj Brick Ape Demons - A Demon Kiln fired shape-shifting Underworld menace for FAE

Balanggtik - Uplifted horse-human hybrids who are skilled pilots and navigators

Ceramoid Mobile Suit - Some call these sentient armors Golems (FAE)

Chonak-Chonak - Tiyanakoid alien shock troops.

Creepers - The creepy homunculi of the Nexialists (FAE)

Crocodilian-Human Hybrid Demons - Creatures summoned by the Anapa

Crocodilian Mummies of the Anapa - Undead guardians of Anapan temples, laboratories, and tombs

Devilpede - A two tailed space horror stalking YOUR ship's lower depths (FAE)

Dinosauroids - An intelligent life form on Kepler-22B

Dromedaries - Shaggy mountain-sized planar steeds with a mesmerizing psychic Keening (FAE)

Dura-Lux - You'd better duck when these mercenaries arrive on the scene (FAE)

Elegido - Star spanning soldiers for justice (FAE)

Elementals - An offshoot of humanity divided by five, others often call on them as seers and prognosticators (FAE)

Eloic Maltruskans - A few remain, wandering the 'verse disguised within psychically shielded encounter suits (FAE)

False Beholders - A gregarious other-planar race of ranged weapons experts (Freeport)

Fateless Momentaries - Muttering nightime revenants killed by the Silver Cobwebs, they search for clues to who they were before death (FAE)

Flybrid - Hideous bug-eyed human-fly hybrid (FAE)

Gelmorphs - Infosophont substrates gone wild (Strange Stars/Fate Core)

Ghost Wolves - Immaterial stalkers, devils in the dark (FAE)

Gorn - A classic TrekCore species with Flashy, Forceful, Sneaky stunts for FAE

Gorn Nest-Traps - A nasty clutch of minions waiting just underfoot - or a handhold ahead  in a Jeffries Tube!

Green Martian Chieftain - Mars' mightiest warlords for FAE

Green Martian - Our favorite four-armed barbarians for Diaspora

Green Martian - The same species for Starblazer Adventures

Guillotine Ray - Banksian juridical drones (FAE)

Happy Warriors - Joyous myriapods who fight in Armed Multitudes (FAE)

Heavenly Hosts - Sneaky and helpful spambots, or angels? You decide! (FAE)

Hell Slime - Some call them liquid prions. Watch were you step, because they can drip up (FAE)

IL Series Androids - "By your command." They're named after devils for a reason (FAE)

Imperial Sibyls - Careful psi-sensitive cyborg-prophetesses (FAE)

Laminates -
Better known as Uplift Contact Sheets or Smart Trash (FAE)

Lamprey Centipede - They enter through the rib cage and stay for a two course meal (FAE)

Lunar Rock Aliens - Deadly, madness-inducing, shapeshifting predators

Machine Weeds - Weeds that spread like machines - or is it the other way around? (FAE)

Maintenance Drones - The little robots from Silent Running

Mi-Go - A new interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft's Fungi from Yuggoth

Morlocks - Clever subterranean abhumans who are cannibalistic machine-tenders (FAE)

Mother Mass - Source and bio-reservoir of the Voluptuaries of the Hollow Moon

Napoleon Ants - They're short, smart, and determined (FAE)

Nautiloids - An intelligent marine life form on Kepler-22B

Neanderthal - Did they roleplay or dream of electric sheep? Probably.

Nebbishter Glee - Also known as Space Goblins, they are useful as estate guardians as well as for orbital bombardments. A Sneaky creature for FAE.

Neothanderals - Genetic atavists, temporal exiles, guardians of an Ice Age future Earth? You decide! (FAE)

Old Martians - H.G. Wells' pulpy, tentacled Martians horrors with a taste for human flesh. A Clever adversary for FAE.
Overkilled - Fast, relentless undead denizens of space hulks (FAE)

Peyotl - Subtle slavers, these cacti are drug-fueled, spineless manipulators (FAE); See also Saguaro

Planarian Nine - Interdimensional flatworms that feed on people using Nexus Points (FAE)

Plasmate - Flashy transhuman alien informorph for FAE

Polymorphu: Egg & Parasite - An all-too familiar alien horror

Red Martian Blade - A fighting man or woman of Mars, a Flashy adversary for FAE, as well as Red Martian civilizational Aspects.

Red Martian Scientist - A cruel, vengeful, and Clever adversary best left to his own devices in the Martian Underworld (FAE)

Saguaro - Cactus soldiers of the Peyotl (FAE)

Serpent Folk - A new interpretation of one of the classical Mythos races (FAE)

Short-Faced Bear - A somewhat uplifted version of the formidable Pleistocene bear (FAE)

Silver Cobwebs - Deadly, Fatebreaking webs found in the decaying built environment of the Zone (FAE).

Sky Dogs - Tunnel-digging, lightning-bringer canines (FAE)

Space Vampires - Based on Colin Wilson's The Space Vampires (FAE)

Subterranean Maltruskans - These Morlocks inhabit multiple worlds! (FAE)

Tentacled Alien Cyclops - A lurker in space Sargassos

Trelebs - A ubiquitous spaceborn species found on the lower decks of many vessels

Triceratops - FATE SF's favorite dinosaur (FAE)

Tzitzimine Star Demons - Huge star spider demons that lust after technomagical devices; a Very Large Monster for FAE.

Witchfinder-Class Android - They protect and care for human crew on dangerous long-range expeditions

Worm Prelates - A monster or a psychic disease? you decide about this Sneaky creation for FAE

Zhop - Is it hungry? Is it friendly? A gigantic humanoid goofball enigma

The 'Zotl - A psionic cyborg tomb guardian, and a Careful creation for FAE

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