Monday, October 25, 2021

ConFABulous 2021 Program Schedule

ConFABulous 2021 is a free virtual gaming convention for LGBTQ+ people and their friends is scheduled for Saturday, November 6 (with some gaming events also scheduled for Sunday, 11/7). 

ConFABulous will have one high quality programming track on 11/6, with panelists participating via Zoom, and broadcast on the convention's YouTube panel. 

RPGs will happen on 11/6 and 11/7 via the ConFABulous Discord server.

See a panel you'd like to be on? See a game you'd like to play? The first step is to register for the convention. You sign up at ConFABulous.orgThen email if you want to be panelist or sign up for a game.

The convention website will be updated in about a week with the final schedule of programming and games, but in the meantime, here is the full schedule as it stands today:

Panels - Saturday, November 6

  • 10-11 AM - What Have You Read Over the Last Year? The North Country Gaylaxians Book Club has continued to read an LGBTQ+ SF/F book every month, and we know that a lot of people have stepped up their reading and participation in virtual book clubs. What have you read, and was it good?
  • 11:30-12:30 - Media Tie-Ins with Games: Catherine Lundoff writes media tie-ins for games, among other things, and specifically for Onyx Path Publishing’s World of Darkness series. She's written stories for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire the Masquerade and the 20th Anniversary Edition of Wraith, and as of today, a story that became a game scenario for Ghost Hunters. She is eager to discuss media tie-ins and horror game writing.
  • 1:30-2:30 PM - Hot Robin Covers - and Loki - Exploring the New LGBTQ Characters in Mainstream Comics and TV series based on the comics. What's queer, what's not so queer, and what's good?
  • 3-4 PM - How did you get your gaming fix during the pandemic? What worked and what didn’t? What are you going to keep doing that you started in the pandemic? What games were you excited about this year? What games worked well this year and which ones didn't?
  • 4:30-5:30 PM - What’s queer and good in new TV series? Includes Picard (second season), Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Foundation Trilogy, Black Widow, Legends of Tomorrow, Killjoys, Batwoman, etc.!
  • 7-8 PM - Ask A DM: Level-Up Time! Our ever-popular panel in which people talk about their experiences as dungeonmasters/gamemasters, and answer people’s questions about how to offer engaging and effective roleplaying experiences.
  • 8:30-9:30 PM - An Expanded Universe After All: How Is the Star Wars Universe Changing With All the New TV Series, Movies, and Comics?


Gaming - Saturday, 11/6 and Sunday, 11/7

  • Saturday, 11/6, 1-3 PM - Troika! RPG: Adventure across the humpbacked sky! Troika is a complete yet wildly-open RPG. Players can expect to fly through mystic space, get lost in infinite cities of the gods, and meet strange & wonderful people all the while using a robust and familiar game system. We will be playing Micah Anderson's "Carnelian Riddle in the House of Indolent Blooms", an entry to the Troika! Pamphlet Adventure Jam, in which you are commissioned to rob a sphinx, infiltrating his garden party, meandering through a semi-hostile demiplane segregated from the flow of time. Up to 5 players. GM is James Bacigalupo.
  • Saturday, 11/6, 8- 11 PM - Thirsty Sword Lesbians RPG: "The Coffeehouse on the Edge" - You play a lesbian with a sword - and feelings and desires. You have a coffeehouse on the edge of fairyland to defend against gentrificaiton in this slice-of-life adventure in a world with magic, swordplay, romance, and creeping (creepy?) capitalism. Rules are easy to learn. Up to 5 players. GM is John Till.
  • Sunday, 11/7, 1-4 PM - Everway-Silver Anniversary Edition RPG : "The Quest for the Queer Sphere" - You play Spherewalkers with the ability to use gates to walk between worlds in this multicultural, mythic, high fantasy RPG. Out now in a new edition via Kickstarter, Everway uses a Tarot-like Fortune Deck to determine the results of character actions. The focus is on narrative and story. Rules are easy to learn. Up to 5 players. GM is John Till.