Thursday, November 7, 2013

From The Zones Community Project Table

Project Contributions:
  1. Zone-age Rumors (1d30) by Porky's Expanse!
  2. "Zones" and "From the Zones" logos by Hereticwerks
  3. Things Found In the Zone - List A by FATE SF
  4. The Zone As A Character by FATE SF
  5. Jack Moulsen, Stalker by The Eye of Joyful Sitting Among Friends
  6. The Calgary Zone by +Brad Murray 
  7. Zone Phenomena by From the Sorcerer's Skull
  8. Carcassmen for 13th Age - by CrossPlanes
  9. The Library Holes by +Bruce Baugh
  10. STALKER: IEC Incident 6447 (NO PICNIC) by +Mark Carroll 
  11. Zone Anomalies by Book Scorpion's Lair
  12. Classification scheme for objects found in Zone 6N by Rachel Kronick
  13. Zone Tigers by Dungeon of Signs
  14. Brain Jelly by Carapace King
  15. Galactic Outfitters reverse-engineered alien tech by Exonauts!
  16. Fading Zones: A Nightroadside Picnic by Armchair Gamer
  17. Fading Zones: Husks by Armchair Gamer
  18. Fading Zones: Tech from the Zones by Armchair Gamer 
  19. The Warehouse-Cathedral and The Quiet Zone by FATE SF
  20. From the Zones: Phenomena by The City of Iron
  21. From the Zones...a few things by Hereticwerks
  22. Near Future Wor*Fare by Porky's Expanse!
  23. The Savannah Zone by FATE SF
  24. The Savannah Zone: Street Milk by FATE SF
  25. Cobbled Zones by FATE SF
  26. The Edge of the Zone by FATE SF
  27. Moira Tesla by +Bruce Baugh
  28. The Picnic Basket by +Mark Carroll
  29. Cthonospheric Compass (Exploring Lovecraftian Zones) by Hereticwerks 
  30. Images From An Abandoned Camera by Hereticwerks 
  31. Images From An Abandoned Camera (2) by Hereticwerks
  32. Images From An Abandoned Camera (3) by Hereticwerks
  33. Images From An Abandoned Camera (4) by Hereticwerks

Project Resources: 

Feel free to leave links to your own project contributions in the comments below here, or in the comments of the original Project Description and Guidelines Post.

"From the Zones" and "Zones" images are courtesy of Hereticwerks.

This is a non-commercial fan project inspired by the book Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky and the movie Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky.



    The third installment!

  2. A possible new entry for you, one dealing with a set of six disreputable zones...

    1. Fantastic! From the Zones lives on, with a Lovecraftian touch.

  3. With the unfortunate death of worldside picnic, lets keep the zone alive, play cataclysm dark days ahead in the meantime till something sparks again