Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fate System Toolkit And Worlds

The Fate System Toolkit and the two volumes of Fate Worlds have arrived in the Land of 10,000 Monsters. Here in the heart of South Minneapolis, in fact.

With the arrival of these three volumes, we now have African American or at least potentially characters of African descent as cover stars on the five essential Fate books: a young martial artist on the cover of FAE, a working class hero fireman on the cover of Fate Worlds Vol. I, and SF-flavored heroes (female and male) on the cover of FST and FW2.

I remember Dante on the cover of Mage back in the day. He was a revelation for the hobby: a truly non-stereotypical African American representation on the cover of an RPG. It's nice to see the range of roles continuing to expand.

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