Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Bananggtik Remix

I have remixed a FATE SF monster - an original SF creature based on Filipino mythology - for +Christopher Helton's OSR-based Philippines Relief PackageYou can get it here. This is the third of One Bookshelf's Philippines relief bundles.

Fate fans will want to know that the bundle includes some great Fate games as well:  Nova Praxis and Strands of Fate!

For my submission, I remixed and converted a creature from  to the fine OSR-based X-plorers RPG system. X-plorers is an uber-flexible d20-based SF RPG. I am fortunate to have both the whitebox edition of  X-plorers as well as Brave Halfling's updated folio edition.

I had a good experience at Con of the North 2013 playing in a game run by +Jay Exonauts!

We have created bonus content for people who choose to purchase the Philippines Relief Package. Purchasers of the Philippines Relief Package will find directions to my bonus content in the entry for the Balanggtik monster in the relief package.

The first bonus content is already available. There will be more published over Thanksgiving week!


  1. What a great project John! Lots of good stuff for a worthy cause.

    1. Thanks, Jay! It was fun. I am saving up my allowance for a few days so I can pick it up next week.