SF & Science Links

Star Trek Links -

Yoon Ha Lee's Hexarchate Cheat Sheet -  just in case you DO need a scorecard on the factions

31 Essential Science Fiction Terms And Where They Came From - essential reading from Lauren Davis

A Crash in the History of Black Science Fiction by Nisi Shawl

Anagram Generator

Atlas of the Universe will help you develop a sense of proportion about things.

Atomic Rockets is a good layperson's site for realistic starship designs (and the math and physics behind them)

Blue Room Archive Search Engine - Search the original Tekumel email list archives

Classic Traveller Character Generator - Developed by Stan Shinn and Paul Gorman

Conceptships is one of a family of blogs devoted to SF artwork (ships, robots, aliens, etc.). Great inspiration for your campaign!

Darkover Wiki - Devoted to Marion Zimmer Bradley's classic SF planet of mystery

Doctor Who:
Eclipse Phase PDFs - Posted for free download by the designer

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction - John Clute's masterwork

Hereticwerks is a prolific and multiplex website that uses a range of old school RPGs to develop unique gaming content that spans genres. Hereticwerks is a contributor to the Rogue Space RPG project. At Hereticwerks, you will find Rogue Space and many other creations which can be adapted to a FATE SF game.

Hill Cantons blog is posting information about his Space Cantons Traveller campaign.  Hill Cantons has also posted a Space Cantons house rules and setting Information document which has a fascinating description of the setting.

In depth interview with Iain M. Banks about The Culture

Information on the Milky Way

Let's Read Links for Many RPGS - Includes Eclipse Phase and Nova Praxis

List of the Milky Way's Satellite Galaxies

List of the Nearest Stars

Map of the Moon - Walter Goodacre's 1910 map of the moon (very detailed)

Map of Victorian London - Zoomable down to individual houses

Mutant Year Zero Dice Roller - Works for Alien too (use black for Skills, use yellow for Stress, ignore the green)

Nuclear Secrets - Target Earth cities

Orion's Arm Universe Project is a collaborative world-building project on a massive scale.

Our Generation Ships Will Sink - KSR on gen ships

Paratime Design's Creative Commons Starship Blueprints

Porky's Expanse also publishes content for Rogue Space, as well as all sorts of other thought-provoking SFnal content for discerning gamers.

Radical Philosophy Archive

Rogue Space is the home for a very lean, minimalist SF RPG that evokes the classic SF of the 50s and 60s.

Science Fiction Hobby Games - a book updating the RPG entries in John Clute's Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (by the author of those entries in the Encyclopedia)

Sectors Without Number - sector generator for Stars Without Number

SF Calculators can be found here for hard SF games. For example, use this site to calculate how fast a cylinder must spin to generate a certain amount of gravity.

SF Gateway - You can't go wrong with the SF Gateway, the home to Gollancz Masterworks of Science Fiction classics.

Strange New World is the home of the Kepler 22-B collaborative world-building project. The project site is system-free. FATE SF is developing sector I-5 of the planet, and posts unique content both on the SNW site and here on FATE SF. Content posted to FATE SF is uses FATE as a descriptive platform.

Timeline of the Distant, Disturbing Future

Traveller Subsector Generator is Alex Schroeder's online star sector generator for use with Traveller. Methinks it is readily adoptable to other games.

Troika Resources

-Golden Barges and Horizon Forts

Twenty quick questions for your scifi campaign - by Exonauts!

Weird Adventures Index - Links to all posts for the Weird Adventures RPG setting on author Trey Causey's blog. You can also see all of our Fate-based posts for Trey's Weird Adventures here.


  1. Old-school, sandbox science fiction games that I'd recommend for inspiration for FATE games include the following:

    -Stars Without Number: http://www.sinenomine-pub.com/

    -StarCluster 3: http://www.flyingmice.com/starcluster3.html

    -Ashen Stars (using the Gumshoe rules) is good for investigative play: http://www.pelgranepress.com/?cat=66

    -Star Hero and GURPS 4e Space are crunchy but comprehensive: http://www.herogames.com/productsStarHero.htm

    -Eclipse Phase is good for transhumanist RPG ideas: http://eclipsephase.com/

    -Star Frontiers Remastered goes in the other direction, looking back and compiling some of the inspirations for Bulldogs: http://starfrontiersman.com/downloads/remastered

    And, of course, there's the granddaddy of SFRPGs, Traveller, currently being published by Mongoose: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/rpgs/traveller.html

    For FATE SF links, I'd also recommend Limitless Horizons and Free FATE v0.6:
    v6 http://www.ukroleplayers.com/downloads/free-fate/

    I also like Conceptships for my space opera campaigns. Happy gaming!

    1. WOW! Thank you so much for all the suggestions!

  2. @Kud U #not: I see you are a Wittgensteinean!

  3. Hi,

    Since you have a link to John Clute's Encyclopedia, I thought you might want to know that there's a book based on revised versions of the Encyclopedia's entries on role playing games plus some extra material on new games etc:

    Science Fiction Hobby Games