Thursday, November 27, 2014


Sanitize (Evocation/Planar, Cost, Per Session, Requires one other spell from the Evocation or Planar schools): One of the Fourteen Essential Anti-Forensic castings, this formula was developed by the Nexialists to purify their ritual spaces - and to cover their tracks when necessary. It is often used to remove organic evidence from what the authorities might identify as a crime scene. It can also be used to purify a region contaminated by living pests and the organic effluvia of living things.

This formula destroys and removes all traces of bacteria, mold, fungi, and protozoans in the same Zone as the caster. It is also efficacious for the destruction of a range of small ectoparasites (e.g., lice) and other small invertebrates (flies, beetles, etc.) that may be present in a Zone. (It will never destroy a swarm cloud of attacking creatures, however, so Sanitize is useless as a defensive spell.)

The caster rolls their CHA +2 to cast this formula, with the following targets:
  •   0: Removes bacteria and protozoans
  • +1: Removes mold and fungi
  • +2: Removes viruses, ectoparasites, and arthropods
  • +3: Removes organic trace elements (blood, excreta, oil from fingerprints) and any associated stains, pools, splatters
  • +4: Removes other-planar life forms and materials (e.g., demon blood)
This casting will not remove the psychic residue of an event from a scene, nor will it remove other forensic traces of a crime or a struggle (such as kinetic damage to walls and surfaces, energy burns, etc.).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Cover Stars

We're digging the cover design for the Brazilian edition of Fate Core. You can never go wrong with suspenders and a trident. Leave the hightech gear for the lobsterpeople. That is about it for today.