Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mapping Tekumel at U-Con

Photo copyright 2013 by John Everett Till

Yesterday, we shared a bit about the two Fate games we are running at U-Con later this week: a FAE game for Project Generations, my series of Fate-based generation ship offerings for +Chris Birch's Modiphius Entertainment, and a Fate Tekumel game.

We have developed a good list of Aspects for the town where my Tekumel game will be set. This list is based on canonical and quasi-canonical sources, as well as what players have already discovered in my previous Tekumel games in that setting. My plan - since there is no published map of the town - is to build the map collaboratively with the players.

I will prep a few set locations based on what we already know about the town.  These will be index cards with a location name and at least one Aspect. We will "fill -in" other parts of the town as we play, creating a map of the city which can be used in future games.

It's safe to assume the table with be a mix of Tekumel veterans and Fate fans (and some will be both), so this should be fun. I am looking forward to some nice collaborative give-and-take as we create typical - but above all useful and interesting - features of a Tsolyani town using the tools that Fate gives us - in particular using brief, pithy Aspects.

The next step post-session will be to find a cartographer.

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  1. Very cool! And nice photography too--I totally recognize where it was taken! ;)