Saturday, November 30, 2013

Evil Hat Street Team Activities In November

In November, we participated in the Evil Hat Street Team in several ways, including:
  • Gaming and posting our Project Generations FAE playtest report (Task 4). I had a second gaming event I wanted to share, but Task 4 only allowed one entry. Come back to FATE SF next week to find out about our Fate Core Tekumel event at U-Con!
  • Reviewing Fate Core on the FATE SF blog (Task 2)
  • Spreading the word about the Street Team by placing the icon and a link to the Evil Hat Street Team page in the left hand sidebar of the FATE SF blog (part of Task 5)
  • Reviewing FAE on the FATE SF blog (Task 2)
  • Further spreading the word about the Street Team by summarizing our own Street Team efforts (again, Task 5)
We look forward to the next set of opportunities to participate in the Street Team!

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