Monday, November 18, 2013

Piecing Tekumel Together For U-Con

MesoMan photo copyright 2013 by FATE SF

It's been a weekend of piecing Tekumel together. First, helping +Chirine ba Kal and +Rob Leduc cutting out Amanda Dee's wonderful paper miniatures, so that Jeff could prepare a set for +Brett Slocum and I to bring to U-Con this week. The convention traditionally has a Tekumel Track, and both Brett and I are running games in that.

This year, the Con also has a Fate Track, and the Guest of Honor is none other than Fate Core designer +Leonard Balsera. I am running two games in the Fate Track. One is a crossover with the Tekumel Track, and the other is a FAE-based session of Project Generations, my forthcoming series of generation ship Fate SF releases for +Chris Birch's Modiphius Entertainment.

The other "piecing Tekumel together" activity this weekend has been developing content for a Tekumel Aspects handout that will debut at U-Con. I've developed Aspects for the planet Tekumel, Social Concepts, Religion, Tsolyanu, and A Few Playable Races. Oh, and Fresh Off the Boat, as well as the specific setting that will be featured in the game.  Rachel Kronick suggested the idea after my "Raid on the Temple of Vimuhla" scenario at Con of the North 2013.

Rachel thought it could be a faster way than exposition (aka the Tekumel 101 lecture/lecturette) to get people into the game quickly when aren't already familiar with Tekumel. We quite agree. It will also help Tekumel veterans grasp the Fate concept of Aspects more readily - and run with it!

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