Monday, November 11, 2013

Recent Field Reports From The Zones

UPDATE: +Mark Craddock has just submitted a monster for 13th Age: the Carcassmen. You can see all the entries here.

Over the weekend, some great posts came in for From the Zones Community Project from a few different contributors! On Friday, +Brett Slocum posted a short fiction piece on a Stalker and Zone in Africa. Then Sunday morning, +Brad Murray published a piece on G+ about a Zone in Calgary, and +trey causey did a great post on weird Zone Phenomena.

More is on the way as well: +Bruce Baugh is planning to contribute something, as is +G Kohls of Gorgonmilk!

And there is still plenty of time to contribute! Here is a brief description of the community project, including a brief summary of the sources that inspired the project, and guidelines about how to contribute. It's really all you need to make something of your own, and get in on the action. That's exactly what Brett Slocum and Brad Murray did with their posts, and I think they both hit the nail on the head.

Brad may have had some kind of lateral cognition going on with his. In contrast to the Zone in the movie Stalker - wet Zone fulled with drips, puddles, streams, and drizzle - the Calgary Zone is dry, dessicated, dessicating place. One of the interesting facts about the movie Stalker is that Tarkovsky's first filming site was dry: it was a desert mining facility deep in Soviet Central Asia. Because of a devastating earthquake in the region the film crew switched to a hydroelectric plant that was abandoned during the Nazi invasion during World War II. So the Calgary Zone is what Stalker might have looked like minus an earthquake!

Here's a table with the content that people have created so far.

So, is there a Zone near you? Do you have ideas for locations, inexplicable alien artifacts, or weird phenomena? We now have content for Fate, as well as more old-school inspired material. It would be great to see more system-free posts, as well as more content for Fate, OSR systems, as well as other games like Unknown Armies and WaRP/Over the Edge.

Please join in the fun!

"From the Zones" and "Zones" images are courtesy of Hereticwerks.

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