Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Chonak-Chonak Of The Sultanate


Imagine a demonic, bug-eyed, fang-mouthed ape-head, waddling around on four nasty clawed legs. That's a Chonak-Chonak. They were originally discovered by the Yrkoon Corporation (a front for the Conjuangco crime syndicate) during their incursion into Sector I-5 of Kepler-22B. Yrkoon Corporation found a horde of some 300 Chonak-Chonak in Hex 117.73 stripping the immediate area of all life forms they could get in their mouths: plants, animals, fungi, and less-describables.

Part of Sector I-5 of Kepler-22B

What they saw made the Yrkies nervous. It made their trigger fingers itchy. The Yrkies instinctively turned their mechs' gattling guns on the Chonak-Chonak horde, chopping them into beefsteak tartar. Then they collected tissue samples (which were everywhere) and handed them over to the corporation's professional cloners. A few months later, the Yrkoon Corporation had a new product line. Hundreds of freshly grown Chonak-Chonak babies were ready for training as shock troops. This was just the beginning of the Yrkoon Corporation's exploitation of the resources on Kepler-22B.

Today these creatures are the elite shock troops of the Sultanate of Managdao. The Sultanate deploys them in drop barges to assault worlds that have not paid their tribute, or even worse, are in open rebellion against the Sultanate. Once a few thousand of these troops have been deployed planetside - often in specially designed powered armor suits - rebellious and wayward worlds are quick to capitulate. Since the Chonak-Chonak are poorly disciplined at the best of times, and rather prone to going rogue after deployment, the Sultanate keeps their terror troops juiced on and addicted to the Obedience Drug to keep them loyal and in line.

The Chonak-Chonak's head is about a meter in diameter, and it is supported by four impossibly thin chicken-legs. There's no arms on their "heads": just a fanged maw in the middle of a huge monkey-like face. For high-tech combat, the Chonak-Chonak will be issued battle frame exoskeleton with mounted weapons, or a suit of powered armor. Their weapon of choice is a microwave blaster which blows apart their targets from the inside, sending chunks of smoking meat and gristle in all directions. These battle frames/exoskeletons and weapons always have "off switches" that can be activated remotely, as the Chonak-Chonak are never very good at discriminating friends from foes.

It is important to underscore that the Chonak-Chonak have a second "mouth" on the bottom side of its "head" (i.e., facing the ground). This is actually a cloaca-mouth allowing the Chonak-Chonak to feed by squatting as well as to excrete wastes and reproductive secretions. Chonak-Chonak will excrete prodigious amounts of this gunky excreta when they need to make a retreat before a more powerful adversary or (in the wild) from bigger, tougher predators. The discharge creates a mass of runny, smelly, sticky goo which can readily snare their pursuers. The goo is difficult to see on the ground, since it runs grey-brown-black-green in color.

The goo doesn't bother the Chonak-Chonak at all; in fact, they wallow in it. It creates a sort of black laquer armor which provides additional protection against fire and energy-emitting weapons (many life forms on Kepler-22B have energy emitting defenses, so this is a very adaptive feature for a life form on the super-Earth.)


Alien Tiyanakoid Species (inimical)

  • High Concept: The Sultanate's bestial shock troops
  • Trouble: Addicted to the Obedience Drug
  • Aspect: Fanged monkey demon head on four legs
  • Aspect: Friend? Foe? What are those?
  • Aspect: Hands and weapons cost extra
  • Careful: 0
  • Clever: +1
  • Flashy: +2
  • Forceful: +3
  • Quick: +2
  • Sneaky: +1
  • Combat Exoskeleton: Battle frame can carry one or more weapons or manipulator arms (first functionality (i.e., grip, winch, jumpjets, copter harness, or blast) is free; each additional functionality costs another point of refresh). Take a +2 to Attack Approach when using microwave blaster.
  • Battle Honk: The Conak-Chonak unleash a deafening battle-honk which is terrifying to their adversaries. Take a +2 to Flashy Approach to make a mental/morale Attack with their fearsome honk. 
  • Goo Lacquer Armor: Take +2 to Defend against fire or energy weapons.
  • Sticky Discharge: The Chonak-Chonak may release a runny, sticky discharge from its cloaca-mouth that creates a messy situation Aspect in the Zone where it is released. Take +2 to Flashy Approach to Create an Advantage in the Zone which creates a barrier to movement. (Typically, the situation Aspect created is something like: Sticky, smelly, gunk which creates a +2 to difficulty for non-Chonak-Chonak to maneuver in or move through a Zone.)



  1. A lot to work with there. Grotesque, but also real-feeling, with a set of structures and interactions that mean it could work as a fantastical monster or a harder science fiction lifeform. A good read too, and fun with it.

    1. Thanks, Porky! Some of the real-feeling details flowed very naturally for some reason with this one.

  2. coolness. the reference to the 'conjuangco crime syndicate' had me roaring with laughter too :-)

    1. Glad you found it amusing. We'll be doing more for this setting!