Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Leif Ericson's In The Pool!


The science team on-board of the Bituin has detected the presence of a Leif Ericson-class Galactic Cruiser in Sector I-5 of Kepler-22B. It is hidden in the muddy depths of the large bay  near the landing site of the Yrkoon Corporation's recent incursion into Sector I-5. The vessel is in Hex 115.73, and appears to be in a powered-down state.

The ship has United States markings; which means that it is most likely an asset of the Strategic Space Command. Since the SSC typically assigns Leif  Ericsons to Ranger Squadrons in groups of four cruisers, it is likely that the squadron's three other vessels are also be in the vicinity of Kepler-22B.

One of the Leif Erickson's two fighter-interceptor scout ships (you can see one launching in the image at the top of the post) appears to be beached on a sandbar located on the west bank of the river passing through Hex 115.75. This vehicle also appears to be in a powered down state.

What happened to the second fighter-interceptor scout? Scans of the bay area have so far been inconclusive. It's possible the scout escaped whatever fate befell its mother ship and sister fighter-interceptor. It might also still be within the body of the mother ship. Time will tell.

In any event, we don't know whether the Yrkoon Corporation is aware of the two nearby vessels. The Yrkies' expeditionary force is moving directly south from their landing zone in Hex 117.3 into the jungle interior of Hex 117.74.


  1. Nice! I had that model as a kid. The glow-in-the-dark version. Fun stuff. This is a great addition to the Kepler 22-B goings on.

    1. I had the glow-in-the-dark version too! It had many battles against my D7 and Constitution-class starships.