Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Megastructures On Kepler-22B

Orbital scans by the science team on-board the Bituin have uncovered a series of megastructures hidden beneath the extensive jungle canopy of Hex 117.75, Sector I-5, Kepler-22B. The first hypothesis of the on-board science team was that the megastructures were designed to facilitate orbital bombardment practice. This hypothesis was rendered null due to the fact that the structures are largely intact, with no sign of blast craters either within the structures or surrounding them.

A great ravine (partly jungle, partly swamp) runs southeast from the site, and is of roughly the same width as the megastructure: the ravine is one kilometer across. This "tail" runs into Hex 118.75, then curves back to the northwest and into Hex 118.74, and then curves back west into Hex 117.74 (directly north of the hex containing the megastructure). It seems possible that the megastructure has taken a slow spiral migration of the peninsula where it has been found.

But why? And what is it?

The Yrkoon Corporation's expeditionary force is headed south right toward this structure. Perhaps this is what the expedition was landed here to explore...


  1. The Bituin crew has had an eventful survey so far!

  2. The entire planet is filled with scientific curiosities and enigmas. Al Almajara should open an embassy here.