Monday, December 16, 2013

The Serpent Folk

The Serpent Folk have been in decline for millions of years. They have just a few enclaves remaining on Earth, usually well-shielded behind a human cult, as well as havens in the planar adjacencies such as the Dreamlands. Their first civilization fell with the rise of the dinosaurs, but the Serpent Folk have rebuilt again and again. In these latter times, the Serpent Folk have given up their civilizational dreams, settling for hiding in plain sight among the younger races. They use their potent powers of sorcerous illusionism to blend-in with lesser species such as humans.

Serpent Folk have worshiped the Great Old One Yig for millions of years, but there is no reason to think that their devotional practice is particularly intense. If nothing else, the Serpent Folk are pragmatists, survivors and rationalists - not religious fanatics. They are survivors, the ultimate players of the Long Game.

Masters of both illusion magic and other forms of sorcery, the Serpent Folk are no less importantly accomplished scientists and scholars, with supreme mastery of biology and pharmacology. They have implanted many Easter eggs within the human genome, allowing them to subtly manipulate and even control our reproductive biology, as well as affect our sensory and higher cognitive functioning at will.

Anatomically, the Serpent Folk appear to be very large snakes with arms and legs. They produce a deadly venom. They feed as other snakes do, swallowing their prey whole. Preferred food items include human children, dogs, pigs, and sheep - but never cats. Like other reptiles, Serpent Folk perpetuate themselves through egg laying. In these latter times, Serpent Folk eggs remain very soft after being laid. For safekeeping and to ensure the embryo's healthy development, the eggs must be implanted, through a magical surgical procedure, within the body cavity of a human subject.  After hatching, the Serpent Folk's host becomes a rich food source ensuring rapid development.

The Serpent Folk have an aversion to cats - perhaps due to some ancient enmity between long-forgotten gods or temples - and in fact any cat (from domestic cat to bobcat, lynx, jaguar, tiger, or lion) has the ability to immediately dispel their power of illusion. Wise priests keep one or two cats in their temples.


Serpent Folk
Ancient reptilian sorcerers (inimical)

  • High Concept: Serpentine Sorcerers from the Age of Reptiles
  • Trouble: Cats break their power of illusion
  • Aspect: Masters of illusion, sorcery, and science
  • Aspect: Humans are just a food source
  • Aspect: We have already forgotten much more than your species will ever learn
  • Careful: +2
  • Clever: +3
  • Flashy: +1
  • Forceful: +2
  • Quick: 0
  • Sneaky: +2
  • Challenge Sanity: When a Serpent Folk first drops the illusion that it is human (or is seen in its native form), it may take a +2 to make a Flashy mental Attack against ALL normal humans in the scene. Any cultists or followers who are accustomed to the Serpent Folk's presence are immune to this effect.
  • Illusion Magic: Serpent Folk may Create an Advantage by using its Clever skill to cast an illusion upon itself or a scene. Seeing through such an illusion requires that a person Succeed with Style using a relevant Approach against the Serpent Folk's Clever Approach.
  • Scientific Genius: Serpent Folk have had millions of years to learn the universe's secrets, and may take a +2 to their Clever Approach when trying to Create an Advantage by using their scientific knowledge.
  • Venomous Bite: When a Serpent Folk's biting Attack against an opponent Succeeds with Style, the victim has the temporary aspect Poisoned.  The victim takes +1 Stress per turn until an antidote or healing spell is applied. 


  1. A very interesting and fun take on a staple of fantasy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I did the Mi-Go a couple weeks ago. It is kind of fun to look at some of the classic Mythos creatures and tweak them a bit.