Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pass Turing Test

The Fate Freeport Companion provides an excellent framework for spell-creation for Fate. We will be posting new spells here at FATE SF, including science-fictional ones, conversions of old school spells (probably using Swords & Wizardry as our reference material), as well as some unique spells that will be useful in a variety of settings, both SFnal and otherwise.

Our first couple of spells will focus on artificial intelligence, and the simulacra thereof.

As the list grows and feedback comes in, we'll be revising the spells and eventually indexing them. For the moment, you'll be able to find spells using the Label SPELLS.

Lesser Pass Turing Test (Illusion, Cost, Persistent): This spell imbues an ordinary machine with the semblance of intelligence. As long as the machine has a display or speaker system (or some other means of communicating) it has the ability to feign Intelligence (Mundane 0) with any observer(s) present. Observers roll their Intelligence vs. the caster's Charisma +2 (caster makes one roll for all observers). Caster chooses an aspect that all observers who fail their roll are affected by, such as PERSUADED, DISTRACTED, or CONFUSED.

Greater Pass Turing Test (Enchantment, Cost, Persistent): A machine with some form of processor (no matter how rudimentary) is uplifted to full intelligence for one scene. The machine may be as small as a tablet computer, a robot or android, a mainframe computer, or a towering mecha. This is a Create an Advantage action based on the caster's Charisma. If a +2 is achieved on the result, a temporary aspect such as INTELLIGENT, CONSCIOUS, or SENTIENT is placed on the machine, with a starting Intelligence of 0. Each shift in excess of +2 moves the Intelligence of the machine up by +1. Uplifting a machine to intelligence does not guarantee a specific disposition of the machine with respect to the caster, once the machine has been awakened. Intelligence falls off precipitously at the end of a Scene, but not so quickly that the uplifted intelligence will not notice its rapid decline. If Corruption rules are being used in your game, this precipitous decline means that casting the spell is a minor infraction.

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