Thursday, December 12, 2013

An Introduction To Sector I-5

The discovery of the first potential superearth, Kepler-22B, prompted the creation of the Strange New World shared world project initiated by +John Stater. Different bloggers are developing individual sectors of Kepler-22B, based on planetary sector maps and project guidelines provided by John Stater.

The project is system agnostic. Strange New World publishes completely system-less content submitted by people developing sectors. People are also publishing a mix of system-specific and system-free content for their sectors on their own blogs. Most people involved in the project are part of the OSR community; they are all folks who enjoy both their own creative efforts, as well as collaboration and cross-pollenization.

FATE SF is developing Sector I-5 ("Eye Five") on Kepler-22B. This sector is being explored by the Filipino crew of the explorer ship Bituin ("Star" in Tagalog). We post original Sector I-5 content on FATE SF, and on John Stater's Strange New World blog.

Right now, I'm pretty sure that I am the only person from the Fate community contributing to the project, but there is no reason others couldn't get in on the fun!

There's a whole world to explore, and the project's spirit reminds me a lot of the space empires and secret organizations we used to create as kids in the years immediately before RPGs burst onto the scene. You can blame the classic SF TV show UFO for that!

Sector I-5 logo courtesy of Hereticwerks

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