Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Gorn are one of the least used major races in Star Trek. They were introduced in the classic Trek episode "Arena", in which the Gorn lure the crew of the Enterprise into a deadly planetside trap on Cestus III. They also made an appearance on the Elysian Ruling Council in the Animated Series. And they return in an episode of Enterprise set in the Mirror Universe.

They are reptilian and cold blooded. They are slow and have poor agility, but are much stronger and tougher than humans.  The Gorns' homodont dentition and sharp teeth mark them as exclusive meat eaters. Many but apparently not all Gorn have compound silver eyes covered in tiny pits. Because of this whole constellation of features, humans instinctively find them sinister and repellent.


Brawny Star-spanning Reptilians (inimical)

  • Careful: +1
  • Clever: +2
  • Flashy: +1
  • Forceful: +3
  • Quick: +0
  • Sneaky: +2
  • Gorn Throwssss That! - +2 to Flashy Approach when hurling huge heavy objects in a brute strength ranged Attack 
  • How Can You Tell If It's Lying? - Because humanoids cannot read a Gorn's expressions or "see into its eyes", a Gorn takes +2 on Sneaky Approach when trying Create an Advantage by deceiving a human/humanoid
  • Puny Humannnn! - +2 when using Forceful Approach to intimidate a human or other lesser species
  • Take One In the Chest - A Gorn may take a +2 to Flashy Approach to just stand there and shake off an enemy's blows from blunt objects such as rocks, boulders, and clubs 


  1. Cool. Of course, the Gorn in Star Trek: Enterprise (a female, mayeb?) was pretty agile.

  2. Very cool! Loving this Gorn series.

  3. Glad to gear it, Jay! We're having fun with the Gorn!