Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dawning Star Kickstarter

We have backed the Dawning Star Kickstarter, a project whose intent is to bring the Dawning Star RPG's space opera setting to the Fate Core system. The game was published by +Justin Jacobson's Blue Devil Games (more on them in a bit), and the new edition will be as well. I picked up the Dawning Star D20 books several years ago. They were originally written by +Lee Hammock for D20 Future, and featured beautiful art by +Danilo Moretti.

I bought the products, but never ran the game. D20 was not really for me, especially with the level of detail and crunch that 3.5 and d20 Modern brought to the table. Fate Core, however, will be perfect for me!.

So what's there?

Big honking guns. Vehicles galore. Spaceships. Aliens.

All illustrated spectacularly.

The setting is not only a labor of love; that love is matched by the quality of thought and good design that went into it.

So what is Dawning Star? Well, you can always visit the Kickstarter page to see a video about the game, or go to to learn more, but in a nutshell, it is a space opera setting with most of the action taking place in another solar system on a planet that already has an indigenous population. There are also other aliens nearby.

It has a bit of a Firefly space-western feel, with factional conspiracies, and planetary romance style mysteries, galore.

Humans made it out of our solar system in a mass evacuation. Some of us made it to the Helios system  and established a settlement on the Earthlike planet of Eos. There are divisions among the human settlers, and different factions have developed as a result of these disagreements. Conflicts, dirty deals, and adventures ensue.

It is good to see Eos coming back, with a setting refresh and some updates.

I hope Justin will also consider doing a Fate Accelerated Edition version of Richard Farrese and his wonderful Victorian storytelling game Passages (you can download the game from the link) which was originally published using an extremely light variant of the d20 system. Imagine if you will Stargate crossed with the multiplanar universe of Everway, but all wrapped-up in fantastic Victoriana!

Art by Jennifer Rodgers

EDIT: Always read the fine print! Justin is in fact working on a conversion of Passages to Fate Accelerated Edition! That is really great news. It will be a perfect fit!

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