Sunday, September 15, 2013

Comet Barbarians Clan Location Table

FATE table design by David S. Goodwin
Content c. 2013 John Everett Till

As has been noted elsewhere, the Empire arose from a series of incursions by Comet Barbarians living on the periphery of the Terran Expansion Zone. They abolished the corrupt tyranny established by earlier Terran polities, and created a new Empire free of the scourge of slavery.

The term "Comet Barbarian" is quite broad, embracing a variety of clans, tribes, khanates, principates, and petty kingdoms of the periphery. Numerous such groups continue to exist within and beyond the borders of the Empire. The table above provides a way to generate the habitations used by the various Comet Barbarian groups.

You can click the table to enlarge it.

To use the table, roll 4DF. For each (+) result, move one horizontal column to the right. For each (-) result, move one vertical row down. Your location is where the two results meet.

We'll be adding more detail to the descriptions in subsequent posts.


  1. I like the idea of Comet Barbarians. Very Golden Age sci-fi.

    1. Thanks, Trey! What's an Empire without barbarians?