Monday, September 9, 2013

FATE Track and Leonard Balsera at U-Con in November

This November, we'll be making the pilgrimage up to U-Con in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I completed a two year program in non-profit leadership at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, so it will be nice to go back up there for a few days. Hopefully we'll have a chance to hit one of the Zingerman's Roadhouse while we're up there too.

U-Con is deservedly famous for its longstanding track of Tekumel games. Readers of FATE SF know that I am a fan of Tekumel, so this con promises to be a real treat!

But this year, U-Con is also hosting +Leonard Balsera, the author of Fate Core, as its Guest of Honor. You can find info on events with Leonard Balsera here.

There will also be a special track of Fate-based gaming events. And they're looking for more FATE GMs.

I'll be offering two FATE events:
  • Lord Ksarul's Broken Labyrinth is a Fate Core scenario that will be cross-listed with the both the Tekumel and FATE Tracks:
    • A party of masons and priests must go into the Underworld to discover why the temple walls are collapsing! Experience both Tekumel AND FATE Core: two great things that go together!
  • Project Generations is the title of the other scenario I'll be running. That will be a Fate Accelerated Edition scenario featuring some of my forthcoming work for Modiphius Entertainment:
    • Create a generation ship setting and go for an adventure together with the author of Modiphius Entertainment's forthcoming Project Generations series of FATE SF games!

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