Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kirk & Gorn Seed Art - Minnesota State Fair

Seed art by Nicolas Rindo of Richfield, MN

I shot this image at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday - the largest state fair in the nation. It is good to see Kirk and the Gorn up on the big wall of seed art! (I am glad Nicolas Rindo didn't do a Medusan - I would hate to think of the mass insanity that could have induced among fairgoers!)

Kirk looks a little smug here, and the Gorn looks...well, all Gorny. One hopes that Kirk gets a bit more clearance before he tries to fire, but if memory serves Kirk's improvised hand cannon was fired at close range.


  1. OMG! I missed this! So awesome. And a truly great likeness of both, including the 'Kirk smirk'. (I think I just coined a term.)

  2. Kirk Smirk hits the nail on the head. I am sure it was the last thing seen by many androids and world-controlling computers...

  3. I snapped one of this as well. It's the first seed art I wished I could purchase, but I'm sure that something of this quality will end up at the Smithsonian or William Shatner's bedroom ceiling.

  4. @Jim: Yes, it was a fun surprise.
    @Jay: I can picture it on Shatner's bedroom ceiling. :)