Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gorn Sector Station

I have been rewatching Deep Space 9 from the beginning of the series, so for the Heat Exchange TrekCore campaign it is perhaps not surprising that I am thinking about a space station. As mentioned in previous TrekCore posts, the core of the station was built by the Gorn, who retain some rights to be be there and use it - even as the station has been ceded to the Federation.

At the core of the station would be two hub units of Gorn construction. These sections would house the Command & Control and Engineering facilities of the station, and would have been purpose-built for Gorn habitation. This section would be mostly GM-defined and would have at least the following Aspects:
  • High Concept: The Gorns' gift to the Federation
  • Trouble: Hides many secrets
  • Aspect: Too hot and smells like lizard
  • Aspect: Gorn tech has a mind of its own
  • Aspect: [TBD-Player Defined]

I realize ALL of the above could be Trouble Aspects!

Radiating out from the core of the station would be a series of modified Transport Containers: the cylindrical modules that are towed by a Ptolmey-class Class I Transport/Tug (as featured in the Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual). There would be one modified Transport Container per player at the table at the beginning of the campaign. Each player would specify the Aspects and contents of one of these cylinder sections.

Ptolmey-class Transport/Tugs

One of the Ptolmey-class Tugs that brought the Transport Containers into the sector might still be around, perhaps parked near the station and running on a skeleton crew - i.e., PCs required for missions!

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