Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Old Martians' Perversity

Amazing Adventures #27

You will never go wrong by overestimating the perversity of the Old Martians. They are experts at bringing out the worst in their fodderslaves, gladiators, and servitor scientists. They are experts at driving the perverse bargain. The Old Martians can make any member of the lesser species betray themselves.

The Old Martians twist the flesh as well as the soul. Amoral masters, they have no qualms about mutating the human form. How could they? They have been ingesting mutagens and teratogens for thousands of years to add variation and interest to their own asexually reproduced offspring. Why shouldn't they do the same to others?

The Old Martians observe no moral limits. 

Abraxas in Amazing Adventures 22

It is justified to rebel.

Killraven battles Skar, AA #37


Old Martian Stunts:
  • Twist Life - Once per session, an Old Martian may use their cruel knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and cybernetics to modify a member of a lesser species into a terrifying monster
  • Perverse Intuition - +2 to Sneaky Approach to persuade a member of a lesser species betray themselves, a loved one, or their own species


  1. Thanks for reminding me about these folks, Trey!

    BTW, I always thought the Killraven tripods were the gold standard for tripod art. ;)

  2. Damn but I miss those old Killraven comics. Lost all of my old copies years ago. Maybe they've done-up a compilation? gonna have to check into that...and you're right, the Tripods in these comics were some of the absolute best, though I still like the cymbols-on-stilts from the old purple hardcover...there's something just goofy-cool about them...