Friday, November 16, 2012

Polymorphu Stage I: The Egg & Parasite

Demons lay eggs. The innocent, naive, and greedy find them, bend over them and look.

The egg pods' petals unfold. Long fingers poke up from inside the egg. Then a facehugger springs into action.

Then, the Polymorphu's reproductive cycle moves to the next stage.


Alien Egg & Parasite

Scale 1 (Tiny)
Physical Stress: Egg 3; Parasite 5
Composure Stress: Egg 5. Parasite 5
Fate Points: 6

  • Eminently burnable
  • This is one flower you don't want to open
  • It's the tail that really gets you
  • It doesn't let go
  • You're just an incubator

  • 1 Good (+3): Fists*
  • 2 Fair (+2): Alertness, Might**
  • 3 Average (+1): Athletics, Endurance, Toxic

Monstrous Special Abilities: 4
  • Extreme Conditions - Endurance skill, p. 257
  • Go for the Throat - Fists skill, p. 257
  • Snare - Might skill - after a successful Fists attach, the Snare stunt may be used it incapacitate the character**
  • Toxic Blood - Toxic skill, p. 251
*Ability to launch head-grasping parasite against a target in zones 0-1.
**Might skill/Snare stunt is used when head grasping parasite has successfully attached its victim.If target is hit by Fists then it receives the incapacitated Major consequence and must make a roll of Great +3 difficulty Endurance roll to escape.

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