Monday, November 12, 2012

Hyperspace Mines

"Space Mines" by CyberAce

Various stratagems have been devised to reduce the strategic value of the Zonic Indeterminacy Hyperdrive. One of the most unpleasant and insidious of these is the mining of regions of hyperspace topographically proximate to sensitive locations in realspace. Hyperspace mines are typically homing mines. These mines have often been imprinted with the engrams of hunting creatures such as cats.

This practice started with sowing of mines in the flow channels immediately proximate to zi-Space. By disrupting the flow channels between hyperspace enumerations 9 and 10 (i.e., zi-Space), attacks from zi-Space could be deterred.

However, this practice soon propagated to sowing mines in the flow channels between successive hyperspace enumerations 1-9, creating numerous deadly barriers to vessels already in hyperspace and seeking to take evasive action against detection and/or pursuers within hyperspace.

Finally, some systems have even taken the extreme measure of mining the flow channels between realspace and the first enumeration of hyperspace. This results in systems in which the only points of entry to the system are slipknots or points of exit  from hyperspace as far away as a Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud.


Hyperspace Mine

Scale: Medium (3) Advanced
Structural Stress: 3
Systems Stress: 3
Fate Points/Refresh: 9

  • Hyperspace implosion mine
  • Catlike reflexes are good for pouncing
  • A tendency to drift
  • 2 Fair (+2): Advanced Sensor Suite, Unusual Super Weapon (hyperspace mine)
  • 3 Average (+1): Cloaking System, Maneuver, Stardrive (hyperspace anchored mine)
  • Afterburner - Maneuver skill (p.323)


  1. These little dealies could really make things interesting around interdiction-zones and blockaded systems...

  2. Yes, little obstacles in the way of adventurers charged with infiltrating such systems