Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dinosauroids in Sector I-5

The Bituin Expedition to Kepler 22-B has made an interesting discovery in the Mangal areas of New Manila Bay. They have discovered a bipedal, tailed reptiloid creature that is intelligent, social, and tool-using. They have spear and knife weapons whose blades are made from shell fragments. These creatures live in simple mud huts like the ones pictured below, which are described in greater detail in this post on the Kepler 22-B blog:

Photo c. 2012 by John Everett Till
The Bituin expeditionary crew initially categorized the creatures' behavior as "shy" or "retiring."  However a more in-depth analysis of their material culture problematizes that viewpoint. The creatures' mud huts have a core of material that resembles the organic wood pulp matrix of a wasp's nest. The mud surfacing material was added as a second layer of structure, and there are splayed-hand texture marks in the mud that are not entirely consistent with the hands and digits of the reptiloids. In the much under the huts, there is further evidence of previous occupants: exoskeletal fragments of large six-limbed tailed insect creatures.

The insectoid carapaces show discoloration, but are otherwise undamaged, so an initial hypothesis that these creatures were in fact killed or driven off by the reptiloids has been rendered null.


REPTILOIDS (neutral)

  • Super (+5): Survival (Mangrove Swamp)
  • Great (+4): Close Combat (Knife, Spear), Agility (Thrown Spear)
  • Good (+3): Brawling, Survival (Jungles), Stamina
  • Decent (+2): Alertness,  Intimidation, Craft: Poisons*, Resolve 
  • Average (+1): Brokerage (Inter-Clan)** OR Craft: Eggcraft***, Craft: Traps, Profession (Tracker), Stealth, Tactics

STRESS TRACKS: Health 5, Composure 5, Wealth 4

  • Extra Stress Track:  One extra Stress box for Composure
  • Poison Pouch: Always has poison accessible in a waterproof pouch
  • Toughened Hide: Equivalent to bulletproof vest (Def 2)

  • Pick the right poison for the right prey
  • Hide from the enemy until you are ready to eat it
  • Sharp shells and near-term eggs make the best trades 

*These creatures kill by stealth and poison whenever possible. 
**They are gifted inter-clan traders, and use bits of shell as a currency between scattered clan-groups. 
***These creatures have the ability to modify fertilized unhatched eggs for a variety of specialized roles and skills.  

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