Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating Our 100th Post At FATE SF

Just in time for our 100th post at FATE SF take a look at the beautiful new masthead at the top of the blog, courtesy of Jim Garrison of Hereticwerks!

We started the FATE SF blog back in May 2012 with the ambition of increasing the visibility of FATE-based SF gaming in the blogosphere. We also hoped to create a nexus point for SF-related content for FATE games.

We hope that the blog has helped to make FATE-based SF games more visible on the internet! Our project has involved creating examples of how games such as Diaspora and Starblazer Adventures can be used to build new or emulate classic SF aliens, spaceships, planets, organizations, and more. To help build that out, FATE SF has also featured two default settings:
  • The Empire, a space opera sandbox inspired by the: "organizations" that my friends and I created in the days immediately before the dawn of roleplaying. My first organization was called Bloodbath. That somewhat sanguine organization soon gave way to the United Empire, the inspiration for my Empire posts here. Moving forward, we will be focusing exclusively on Starblazer Adventures as the default system for The Empire, although I believe that trend is already well-established in recent posts.
  • Kepler 22-B, Sector I-5. This is a shared world (literally) hosted at the Strange New World blog. Intended as a collaborative SF hexcrawl, different contributors are developing different parts of the planet. System-free content for my sector is posted directly to the SNW blog; additional setting content, Easter eggs, and FATE-specific content are posted here on FATE SF. While contributions for the various sectors being developed on SNW are all over the map in terms of space operaticity vs. hard SFness, for Sector I-5, I am going for a soft, hard SF feel. Moving forward, my FATE SF posts for Kepler 22-B will use Diaspora exclusively.

Thanks are due to several people for inspiring me and helping me launch FATE SF. Jim and Jody Garrison of Hereticwerks have been a major help as well as a major inspiration. The Swords and Stitchery blog was another major (and hyper-real influence), as is Porky's Expanse, which just won an important blogging award.

Most of all, I'd like to thank the players of my first Diaspora campaign, Rachel, Eric, Pazi, and Darin for some amazing collaborative world-building and space adventure.

From the Tin Can 
To the stars we have gone
Juche a distant Light that guides us still
Enlightening the Cobweb Cluster
With the Light of Eunomian Thought!  
We have come so far my Comrades,
And through Struggle 
Will go farther still!


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! Nice milestone. Keep up the great work!

  2. From me too - there's always something inspiring here. I think you've given Fate a big boost, and while the body of work stays up and especially while you keep creating, that visibility should increase. The final lines say it.

  3. Jim and Porky: Thanks so much for your kind words and support!