Friday, November 2, 2012

We Have ANOTHER Robot Fighter!

Thursday night, I continued a playtest for a special FATE project being prepared for publication. The PCs had descended into the hanger bay of a VERY large spacecraft, in order to "borrow" a special vehicle they needed. The PC group and their minions fought a pitched battle against a group of 15 cyberzombies and the three robots tasked with defending the hanger bay. The PCs took care of the cyberzombies, although by the time the battle was done, enough CZ saliva and blood had spewed everywhere to make everyone just a bit paranoid. The robots were another matter.

But one of the PCs, a big burly engineer-negotiator called Buffalo, decided to attack one of the robots. With his hands. He jumped onto the back of the 8' tall spindly thing and spent several rounds trying to remove its one-eyed, softball-sized head.

He eventually succeeded, and now has an electro-mace (with a rod-thin neck + wires + a ball head) as a trophy weapon.

All of this led me to refer to Buffalo as being another Magnus Robot Fighter, from the old Gold Key comic book (which started publication in 1963) which was recently rebooted  by Dark Horse Comics.

Magnus was a big believer in the Robot Problem.

Magnus killed robots with his bare hands.

Which puts Magnus in the "cute but dumb" category of superheroes in my book.

He's not getting anywhere near my Zeroids!


  1. Sounds like great good fun...except for the poor robots.

    Quite a while back I wrote-up a robot fighter class, with input from Blair, that was intended to be included in his Jewel Throne zine...haven't seen the zine yet, but it's only been a year or so...

  2. The session was kind of intense, the battle taking about 1.5 hours. Rachel's character Lightning dished out a huge amount of damage to the Cyberzombies, but also took a great deal: 3 Consequences worth.

    Fighting robots, even with weapons and not just your bare hands, is dangerous work.