Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Polymorphu

Art by Rodrigo Vega

The Polymorphu are a metaspecies of star-vermin that have spread widely among far flung and isolated worlds, habitats, and ships. They have a complex life cycle that includes at least three different life stages (i.e., egg, juvenile, adult) and have displayed a great propensity to recombine genetically with many different species to produce morpologically novel contaminant life forms. Because of this capacity, the Polymorphu have even been compared to viruses.The species also has a preference for hive-type environments and at least a rudimentary social hierarchy with an egg laying Queen.

Many questions about this metaspecies remain unanswered:
  • Did they evolve somewhere, or were they created in a lab?
  • What is their place/point of origin?
  • Are they intelligent?
  • Are there species that they cannot absorb or meld with genetically?
  • Can they truly be weaponized?
  • If so, can they be controlled?
  • Why did the ancients not exterminate what is universally recognized as an inimical species?
  • Is there anything they fear?

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