Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Anagogue; Or, The Whirlpool Gate

The Imperial Throneship Anagogue exited from realspace and entered into history when its slipspace transition coincided in spacetime with the precipitation of a hyperspace mine out of the lowest enumeration of hyperspace. (Such precipitations are rare enough to pose little aggregate threat to interstellar shipping. Hyperspace mines usually only precipitate in this manner when they become entangled in the wake of cloaked vessels that are leaving hyperspace.)

The detonation of the mine transported the ship's crew and passengers somewhere else. It bounced the wrecked vessel back into realspace in the Aclys System, its original point of departure. The Angaogue then became a visible singularity.

The ruined ship became a pulsar of sorts, undergoing a recurrence of its original detonation once every 1.275 standard hours. The vessel now lies at the center of a permanent whirlpool of entangled realspace-slipspace-hyperspace, surrounded by other wrecked vessels caught up in its eddies.

The Aclys System was subsequently evacuated forcibly, and has been declared a closed system.

However, the story does not end there. With greater and greater frequency, a variety of unauthorized and unidentified ships with various advanced designs have been detected leaving the Aclys System. Still other vessels with cloaking devices or other blockade-runner rigging. have been detected after entering the system.

Imperial observers speculate that the Anagogue's recursive detonations have created gate conditions between our native space-time continuum and several others. The resulting gating effect propagates ripples that act as a hyperspace beacon attracting prospectors and explorers.

The Imperial Sovereign recently dispatched an Imperial Survey Expedition to explore the wreck of the Anagogue and investigate the incursions into the closed Aclys System. The survey vessel was unfortunately disaggregatated by a hyperwave burst just as it neared completion of its mission. Fortunately, it was able to insert a record buoy into hyperspace before it was destroyed.

The Imperial Survey Expedition  reported that there were:
  • Numerous corpses - human, known alien, and unknown alien - on board the Anagogue
  • Many vessels - clearly damaged - forming a nimbus of space hulks around the Anagogue
  • Makeshift modifications in the ship's interior, including repairs and demolitions, improvised bulkheads, and propped open  hatchways, as well as unrecognizable technologies that had been apparently grafted onto the ship's exterior and interior
  • Several energy hotspots which moved inexplicably around the ostensibly dead ship
  • Spiderweb fractures in the fabric of spacetime surrounding the wreck; these fractures heal and re-propagate after every burst, up to a radius of 1 milliparsec from the vessel
Further investigation is recommended, provided a relatively safe method of doing so can be identified. Formal requests for assistance have been made to the Mir Civil Engineering Corps and to the RUR Workers-State's Navigation Safety Committee in pursuit of this goal.


  1. Now that is an ambitious Maelstrom indeed.

    1. I have been pondering that Poe illustration you posted to Hereticwerks a couple of weeks now. I am sure that was a major inspiration, along with that Sam Neil movie about the evil jumpdrive

  2. This is outstanding. It's such an evocative idea and there's a huge amount to build on and follow up, but it's all very delicately presented. I think it's ideal as a route in - anything could be on the other side, or the other sides...

    1. Thanks, Porky, this is one of those posts that I wrote, edited, rewrote, cut, and rewrote. At the end of the process, I still wasn't sure it was any good, so your feedback that it was delicately presented is quite gratifying. I like the end result, and think it could be a fun space dungeon as well as a gateway to somewhere...interesting