Monday, October 8, 2012

Monstrous Mondays Parallel: The Balanggtik

The exact origins of the Balanggtik are a long-lost in time, but these creatures are believed to have been uplifted by ancient gene masters from one of the equine species of Earth. Their overly long limbs are perfect for the rapid manipulation of keyboards and banks of control panels, and many have found work in the Empire as pilots and navigators of gateships, smuggling vessels, and pirate ships. They are said to be particularly gifted at management of advanced cloaking and chameleon systems. The Balanggtik are therefore natural masters of the space-ambuscade.

Balanggtik can often be found plying the space lanes on the periphery of the Empire, or in the Wild regions of space beyond Imperial borders. Many prefer to operate independently on a small star ship, sometimes with a crew of a few robots. The Balanggtik's mental vibrations are highly disturbing and disorienting to humans, and when crewing on human ships, they are often required to take psivibrance-suppressing drugs. Such drugs have many unpleasant side effects, including an increased addiction to nicotine, building an appetite for the raw meat of intelligent species, and a transformation in which the eyes of the Balanggtik take on a malignant scarlet glow.

The Balanggtik reproduce by cloning. However, the Baanggtik have not been able to seize control over or replicate the means of their own reproduction. This technique remains a trade secret of the Gene Masters Guild. Human surgical waste is a key component of the Balanggtik cloning process.

There is a modest flesh trade in this all-male species. Most of these unfortunates can be found in the seraglios and menageries of decadent space-lords. Pity the space-lord who forgets to mix psivibrance-suppressing drugs into a captive Balanggtik's food: they are likely to end-up deranged or on the Balanggtik's menu.


Balanggtik (friendly)

Scale 2 (Small)
Physical Stress: 7
Composure Stress: 5
Fate Points: 7

  • 1 Great (+4): Athletics
  • 2 Good (+3): Stealth, Mental Bolt
  • 3 Fair (+2): Alertness, Fists (Hooves), Might, Pilot
  • 4 Average (+1): Endurance, Engineering, Guns, Intimidation
Aspects: (A total of 10 is allowed.)
  • Incredibly dexterous for their size
  • Masters of stealth
  • Best left to their own devices
  • Disturbing mental vibrations
  • Red glowing eyes and a taste for raw flesh
  • Cloned by the Gene Masters Guild
  • Horse-human hybrids
  • Cigar-chomping chain smokers
Monstrous Special Abilities: 3
  • Claws (i.e., Hooves) (Fists skill, p. 257)
  • Mind Blast (Mental Bolt skill, p.260)
  • Oversized (Intimidation skill, p.258)
  • Psivibrance-suppressing drugs (Minor Weakness) -  Has two permanent stress points whenever taking Pisvibrance-suppressing drugs
  • Cold (Minor Weakness) 

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