Friday, October 19, 2012

The Eagle King

"Markandeya ORACLE "by Nisachar

The Eagle King is enthroned within a prison labyrinth buried deep within the heart of the machine world of Altair IV. While most travelers to the Altair system are there to visit the Imperial Throneworld on Altair III, a few brave or foolhardy pilgrims and explorers risk the soul-destroying subterranean machinery of Altair IV to seek illumination. They are usually searching for clues to the location of the Eagle King. Often these delvers fall prey to the machines' magnified projections of their own flawed egos.

This ancient man-machine hybrid is said to possess oracular powers rivaling those of the Imperial Sibylline Order. Some believe the Eagle King's presence on Altair IV precedes humanity entirely. Perhaps he was one of the ancient architects or guardians of the machine world?

Others claim that this giant was one of the first Imperial Sovereigns, enlightened yet cursed to remain forever on the Great Wheel by his long-forgotten transgressions . Here he undergoes endless cycles of birth, destruction, and rebirth deep within the realm of the great machines. He is never in the same prison labyrinth twice.

All revelation has its price, so seek out the Eagle King forewarned. Find him, before the great machines drive you mad. Find him, and experience the revelations you seek. Find him, but escape again before the Great Causeway withdraws, casting you into the endless machinepit below his throne.


Someone who reaches the Eagle King's prison-labyrinth may ask the Eagle King a single question about the past, present, future, the universe, themselves, or someone/something else. Asking this question creates a new bond with the subject of the query. The GM will provide the player with a new Aspect, which  replaces one of the character's existing Aspects. The player chooses which existing Aspect is lost.

Roll 1d6 to determine the nature of the Aspect:
  • On a 1 or 2, a Great Destiny is created (positive Aspect)
  • On a 3 or 4, a Curse is levied (negative Aspect)
  • On a 5 or 6, a Portent is created (an ambiguous Aspect which can be interpreted as either positive or negative)

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  1. There's a real ring of truth about this and a great tone. I like the image too, the texture and lack of clarity in the space.