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Return of the Fly (1959)

The existence of the human-fly hybrid, or Flybrid, is far from an accident of nature. They are invariably the cruel result of casting Dr. Langelaan's Mass-Discrepant Hybridization, the Nexialist formula that recapitulates one of the most horrific and memorable recurrent accidents in the Pre-Diasporic Era's early experiments with matter transmission. The Nexialists use this casting to wreak terrible vengeance on those who spy on or persecute them, or who spread skeptical propaganda against the Order's doctrines. For this reason, many Nexialists also refer to these creatures as ghe Reformed Skeptics.

A mosaic creature whose characteristics aren't terribly heritable, the best way to get more Flybrids is to make them using Langelaan's formula. That requires a good source of disposable humanoids, as well as access to flies or close analogues.

Nexialists typically use the Flybrids as guardians within the labyrinths found in the secure areas of Nexialist Institutes. Flybrids are very suitable for this role because they are able to subsist for relatively long periods of time on other-planar energy, and do not tire or sleep. Their exoskeletons provide  a superior defense against piercing (but not against bashing/blunt) weapons, while their compound eyes and antennae make them almost impossible to surprise.  They don't need weapons either, as Flybrids invariably have fearsome mouthparts and at least one pincer arm. That being said, some of the Reformed Skeptics certainly are armed (often with items reclaimed from their victims), and many have access to Eyes, charms, and other technomagical devices.

Sometimes they escape from their masters. It is common to find small numbers of Flybrids congregating or wandering as singletons in the ungovernable subterranean quarters of any city with a Nexialist presence. These wanderers are frequently insane and are invariably hostile to humans.

A final speculation about the Reformed Skeptics is in order. The creatures are most frequently encountered near Nexus Points (either within Nexialist Institutes in other locations). Given that they periodically escape their Nexialist masters, it is reasonable to assume that the Flybrids' compound eyes and antennae give them insights into hidden escape routes. They have spell-like abilities similar to Eye of the Nexus, and often enough Summon Planar Ally.


Human-Fly Hybrid (inimical)

  • High Concept: Bug eyed hybrid monster
  • Trouble: Prone to madness
  • Aspect: Hard to surprise
  • Aspect: Drawn to Nexus Points
  • Aspect: A wicked maw and pincers
  • Careful: +2
  • Clever: +1
  • Flashy: 0
  • Forceful: +3
  • Quick: +1
  • Sneaky: +2
  • Maddening Buzz: A Flybrid makes deafening sonic attacks using its Forceful Approach; this attack deals mental harm to any allies or foes within two Zones, and anyone in range must defend using their Clever Approach.
  • Eye of the Nexus: As with the Planar spell Eye of the Nexus but used at no Cost.
  • Exoskeleton: Reduces by two stress points the harm dealt by any piercing/slashing physical attack. 


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