Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Janus Gate

The Janus Gate (The Planes, Cost, Per Scenario, Permanent, Requires "The Eye of the Nexus"): Nexialists are particularly fond of adjusting their own timelines, and for that reason, The Janus Gate is one of the most common Nexialist formulae. It opens a two-way timelike portal to another time (past or future) in the same world and plane where the spell is cast. The portal's other face opens onto a geographically contiguous space in the future or past.

Once opened, anyone may traverse the portal. It is permanent until dispelled by the caster or another person with access to this formula. Because of this, Nexialists almost always cast this formula within a secure, often booby-trapped space inside one of their Institutes.

Prior to casting this formula, it is prudent for the Nexialist to cast the formula The Eye of the Nexus, in order to make sure that the destination is a safe space to arrive (e.g., not under water, filled with rubble, etc.).

If Corruption rules are being used, it is considered a major infraction to cast this formula in order to disrupt or alter another person's timeline.

The Eye of the Nexus (The Planes/Divination, Cost): One of the first formulae learned by Nexialists, usually in childhood or youth, The Eye of the Nexus enables the caster to view the planar adjacencies proximate to their current location. The caster is able to peer into contiguous dimensions and planes, perceive interdimensional Nexus Points and Tidal Pools, and observe the timelike forces, currents, eddies, and vortices passing through any location.

Depending on the planar adjacencies (and potentially, other-planar entities) being viewed, the GM may decide that casting this formula constitutes a mild, major, or severe Insanity trigger.


  1. Somewhat tangentially, hearing that the Nexialists are fond of revising their own timelines makes me wonder: is it possible to botch the job and revise oneself out of existence?

    1. Most definitely! There are also spells that can wreak havoc on these gates, and botch it for them.