Thursday, January 30, 2014

Instantiate Entelechy


Instantiate Entelechy (Evocation, Cost, Permanent, Requires "Greater Pass Turing Test"): Nexialists use this formula to create an intelligent automaton from various machine parts, monitors, equipment, tools, cruft, and metallic trash in their immediate zone. Such items simply converge into a junk vortex where the entelechy manifests. The most common version of the formula manifests an assemblage with a roughly humanoid form. Variants of the formula exist which produce other types of assemblages (e.g., Echinoderms, Arthropods, Cerberi). The entelechy will obey the commands of its instantiator.

The entelechy starts with a base Fair (+2) quality, and is enhanced using the rules for summoned creatures on pages 31-32 of the Fate Freeport Companion. The entelechy always manifests with the Disadvantage Shambling.

Possible new Advantages that the instantiator may select in addition to those listed in the Fate Freeport Companion include:
  • Natural Ranged Weapon: Take +2 to Dexterity to Attack using a built in ranged weapon: energy beam, projectile weapon, junk hurler, etc.
  • Junk Dipole: The entelechy can Create an Advantage by shifting its size unpredictably by absorbing or shedding metal-containing junk in its immediate environment.
  • Meld: The entelechy can surround the instantiator as if it is a powered armor suit. This provides the instantiator with a two (2) Blue Dice substitution for armor, as described in the Fate System Toolkit.

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