Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Summon Planar Steed

The Litany Of The Keening (Enchantment/Planar, Cost, Once per Scenario, Requires Eye of the Nexus or a similar transplanar sensory spell): Meditation upon the psychic sutra known as The Keening Hills creates a transplanar mesmerizing psychic call which imitates the Keening of the Dromedaries, the shaggy living mountains which are often summoned as planar steeds.

The Litany of the Keening will summon a Dromedary present in one of the planar adjacencies proximate to the caster. A spell such as Eye of the Nexus is typically cast before the Keening in order to determine whether a Dromedary is in fact close enough to call.

Then the caster begins The Litany of Keening. They take a +2 to their Charisma/Flashy Approach in a Create an Advantage action. The numerical result of this CHA/Flashy action roll determines how may zones the Keening extends into the caster's and any adjacent planes.

The Keening also exerts the equivalent of a Charm spell (as described in the Fate Freeport Companion, p. 36) vs. the Intelligence/Clever Approach of any intelligent creatures within the zones affected by the Keening.

Once the Dromedary arrives, the summoner may bargain with it for passage to another realm, sphere, or plane. Dromedaries crave new information and experiences, and will be positively disposed toward those summoners who can offer them contact with novel creatures, objects, and persons.