Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Nexialists' Public Face


Every world with a Nexialist Institute - with the possible exception of a few remote research outposts and secret facilities - has a public Reading Room operated by the Nexialist Foundation. A Reading Room is the public face of a Nexialist Institute, and is open around the clock. For the convenience of patrons, Reading Rooms are always attended by 1-3 replicant Librarians who are ready to assist inquiring minds with a variety of research and educational tasks and self-improvement activities.

Patrons may use Reading Rooms to research a variety of historical, social, and physical sciences using the space's dedicated library system. The public is also invited to attend lectures and classes on a variety of integrative scientific topics held in the Reading Room's Auditorium. A schedule of lectures and classes is always available in a Reading Room's lobby.

Patrons are also invited to play a variety of Mind Games on site, the so-called Luminous Exercises, which are said to be based on neuroscience, and promise to improve memory and cognitive performance. (Mind Games are also available on a subscription basis outside the Reading Rooms.) As a matter of policy, the Nexialists neither confirm nor deny that these games are screening tools capable of detecting psionic abilities...

Reading Rooms meet people where they are at culturally. On worlds where the written/printed word is the dominant means of recording and sharing scientific information, the Reading Rooms will be stocked with numerous books, journals, and scrolls produced by the Reading Room's very efficient print-on-demand technology. On worlds more reliant on digital media, the Reading Room's library system offers patrons direct access to digital media. Print-on-demand resources are still available for a nominal fee.

Nexialist Reading Rooms also provide access to Instructional Machines, exceptionally advanced devices which impart both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for individuals to excel in a number of different fields. Knowledge acquisition and skill transfer takes place in just a few moments. In order to ensure patrons are not harmed by this advanced technology, potential Instructees are first qualified on Mind Games, and then screened by an Integrator, a Nexialist adept trained in a variety of psychometric assessments and skill retention therapies. Integrators are available daily by appointment during a Reading Room's peak hours of operation.

The knowledge and skill retention effected by Instructional Machines varies greatly among individuals. A normal human Instructee will retain the information and abilities transferred from an Instructional Machine for at most a few hours. With Instructional Machines, there is always a small risk of an accompanying "Charly affect" in which the Instructee experiences a generalized and precipitous cognitive decline. This is why this technology should only used by trained Integrators.

However, the skill retention therapies facilitated by Integrators often help people retain their new capacities indefinitely. Treatment begins with daily sessions using a Pattern Enhancer. Within a few weeks - usually in less than a month - less "time in the chair" is required, as new neuronal patterns are stabilized and reinforced through redundant neural repatterning.


Together, the Nexialists' Five Essential Elements - the Reading Room, Mind Games, Instructional Machine, Integrator, and Pattern Enhancer - form the public cornerstone of their project for human improvement.


  1. So much interwoven here. I must say, I'm becoming concerned about the Nexialists' influence in the galaxy.

    1. Yes, if it weren't for periodic suppression campaigns, pogroms, and the like, they might be running everything.