Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nexial's Fractal Hand

Nexial's Fractal Hand (The Planes, Cost, Persistent/Permanent, Requires "The Eye of the Nexus"):  This formula is a disruptive casting which creates a fractal scatter of the proximate face of a Nexus Point, gate, or gate spell. The result is that the proximate face of a gate is scattered  into many extremely small gate apertures, most no larger than the size of a horsefly. This prevents the gate's use by all but the smallest creatures.

The effect is Persistent on a Nexus Point or other durable gate, but after a time such portals will reset.

The effect is Permanent on gates created through casting, such as The Janus Gate.

Individuals on the distal side of a disrupted gate will have a nasty surprise waiting for them if they enter the gate. They will be spaghettified and extruded through the proximate face's numerous small gate apertures. The result is an organic syrup rich in other-planar energies. Even worse, when a timelike gate such as a Janus Gate is disrupted in this manner, the resulting scatter of the proximate face is timelike; an organic syrup rich in timelike energies scatters temporally as well as physically.


  1. "spaghettified" being a technical term in transdimensional thaumatophysics. ;)