Thursday, January 23, 2014

Create Homunculus

Fleshy Elicitation (Evocation, Cost, Per Scene, Permanent, Corrupting): This Nexialist formula allows the caster to draw out a specific kind of homunculus (a Creeper) from the caster's own flesh. The Nexialist must cut or pluck off a skin tag from their own flesh. The skin tag becomes the fleshy kernel for the homunculus.

In addition to the normal Cost menu associated with casting this formula, the creation of a homunculus takes an additional toll: upon a successful casting, the Nexialist immediately takes a Consequence, since the creation of a homunculus extracts approximately 10 pounds of flesh in one fell swoop. This consequence goes away as soon as the homunculus is dispelled or destroyed.

The homunculus will remain alive as long as the caster stays within three zones of it. The caster may destroy the homunculus at will by mentally releasing the casting.

Many variations on this formula exist. The most common variations are in the mix of stunts with which a homunculus may be formatted. Some of the variations are relatively open-sourced among the Nexialist. Others remain closely held secrets.

The Nexialist Order strongly discourages the more instrumentalist uses of this formula, such as the intentional casting of the formula to create diminutive suicide bombers. Any intentional act of creative destruction of this kind is a two point Infraction with respect to Corruption stress.


  1. Homonculi from one's on flesh strike me as a bridge too far. I guess that's why I'lll never be a proper sorcerer.

    1. Yes, proper sorcerers are an odious bunch. Some of the more addled Nexialists even dispel their homunculi by consuming them. Nasty stuff.