Friday, January 3, 2014


Repurpose (Enchantment, Cost, Permanent): The Nexialists are contemptuous of so-called "New School" diluted variants of Charm formulae that have very short-term affects on their targets. Partly as an insult, and partly as an act of misdirection, the Nexialists have re-named and rewritten the epigonic Charm formula that is so popular on many worlds. As Repurpose, they have restored the formula to its ancient and venerable form.

Repurpose works on humans, aliens, and intelligent machines in the same zone as the caster. The Nexialist makes an Overcome Obstacle casting using their Charisma vs. the target's Intelligence. If successful, Repurpose places one of the following Aspects on the target: HELPFUL, OBEDIENT, FOLLOWER; if the casting Succeeds with Style, the target gains the Aspect ENTHUSIAST, or FANATIC. These Aspects remain in force until the casting is dispelled.

In the Empire, the use of Repurpose has resulted in a great deal of civil litigation. A Nexialist caster will often purchase a Sovereign Dispensation in order to provide themselves with immunity for a single use of this formula. Some Nexialists have also been awarded a writ of Carte Blanche permitting the ongoing use of this formula in pursuit of the Imperial Sovereign's interests.

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