Monday, January 27, 2014

Digital Intrusion

Digital Intrusion (Planar/Evocation, Cost, Per Scene, Persistent, Requires "Eye of the Nexus"): This Nexialist formula manifests as a detached, floating physical hand in the same plane as the caster, or in a planar adjacency in view of the caster. The hand is intended for subtle, dexterous manipulation of physical objects. It can also be used to grasp and retrieve an object, and has the caster's STR and DEX.

The hand is able to move about under the caster's conscious control for up to a distance of three zones away from the caster. The hand remains under the caster's conscious control as long as it remains in physical sight, or within the subtle vision provided using Eye of the Nexus. If the hand leaves sight of the caster, Digital Intrusion is immediately dispelled.

Many variants of this spell exist, manifesting the "hand" as tentacles, fungal fibers, long strands of hair, or even the proboscis of a Ganeshoid alien.

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