Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nexialist Public Lectures Table

Yesterday's FATE SF post discussed the public face, activities, and services offered through a Nexialist Institute's Reading Room. Today we have a quick 1D6-1D6 table to determine the most common public lectures offered by any Nexialist Institute.

Lectures are almost always free. They are typically delivered by one of the Nexialist Foundation's Integrators assigned to the Institute's Reading Room. One or more replicant Librarians will also be in attendance to assist patrons attending the lecture and ensure the event runs smoothly.

The table position items in relation to how often those lecture topics are offered; the more an item hugs the center of the table, the greater its frequency of presentation. 

Nexialist Public Lectures Table

Roll 1D6-1D6 and consult the corresponding results below.

-5: The Truth About the "Nexialist Revolt" 

-4: A Fresh Look at _________________ (a complex scientific controversy is illuminated using Nexialism's integrated, multidisciplinary approach)

-2: Nexialism: Common Myths and Misconceptions

-1: The Five Elements of Nexialism

0: Nexialism and YOU: An Introduction

+1: A Guided Tour of the Reading Room (an interactive tour of Reading Room amenities, resources and services)

+2: How to Break Bad Patterns and Create Good Ones

+3: Mind Games Are GOOD For You! (an interactive introduction to the Luminous Exercises)

+4: Does Human Potential Have Limits? (an exploration of psionics and related Nexialist parasciences)

+5:  Does Nexialism Improve Individuals or Society? 

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