Monday, January 27, 2014

Manipulator Arm

Manipulator Arm (Evocation, Persistent): Nexialists use the formula to move, touch, or manipulate physical targets up to one zone away with an invisible force that emulates a manipulator arm. This formula cannot produce an effect if its target is shielded by or located behind a force field.

The caster rolls STR +2 vs. an object's STR to determine whether the object is moved. On a success, the object will be displaced up to one zone away, knocked over, or otherwise subject to a gross change of position. It is a trickier proposition to do something delicate with Manipulator Arm; such actions require a DEX roll and a succeed with style to achieve success.

Nexialists often use this formula on backward worlds to demonstrate the superiority of their rationalist dogmas, entering temples and toppling the statues of local saints and deities. During the Nexialist Revolt, they even desecrated the temples of the Cult of the Imperial Sovereign in this manner. Many leaders of Nexialist Communes in the Revolt paid a dear price for this sacrilege; they were converted into living statues to replace the ones they destroyed.

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