Friday, September 5, 2014

Lola Of Peladon

2014 Minnesota State Fair grain art

Lola's full name reflects where her travels ended. But more on that in a bit.

Let's take a look at her origins.

Strax found her beneath Madame Vastra's carriage one day, He promptly declared that the black and tan shorthair miniature dachshund was a spy. After quite a tussle and chase, Strax finally got his mitts on her and presented the poor dog to Madame Vastra.

Vastra: "That's a poor excuse for a cybermat. Look how it wriggles!"

Jenny: "Can we keep her, Mum, and call her Lola?"

Strax nodded: "Every good boy deserves a dog."

And so it began.

But this queer Victorian domesticity was to be short-lived for Lola. Madame Vastra found Lola's incessant barking and scampering distracting and intolerably mammalian.

"It gives me migranes."

Vastra told Strax to dispose of the beast. In the middle of the night, of course, so as not to cause Jenny any distress.

Strax did as he was told, and deposited little Lola inside the first open door he could find.

It was a blue door. Thus began Lola's adventures with the Doctor and Clara.

Lola had a pretty good time on the TARDIS. Clara liked her, and made sure (whenever she was on the timeship with the Doctor) that Lola had regular meals and walks. Even the TARDIS liked her, creating an infinity of small branching corridors through which Lola could run, hunt, chase, and hide.

Lola even got along well enough with the Doctor. She helped him on a number of his adventures. Lola was very good at finding and shredding Nestene plastics, had an infallible sense of direction in the bug tunnels on Trellisane, was deft in avoiding the death-beams of the Daleks, could outrun and outmanever even the quickest cybermat (to say nothing of the lumbering Cybermen). She also sprung a deadly surprise on the Vulture Priests of M'nektu!

But like all the Doctor's companions, Lola was only with him for a time. Her travels ended rather abruptly when the Doctor and Clara paid a visit to the lonely and never-married Last King of Peladon.  Lola walked ran out of the TARDIS.  She jumped right into the lap of the lonely King Peladon!

Undivided attention at last! And what better lap to sit in than one perched on a throne?

Lola of Peladon
Canine Companion of the Doctor

  • High Concept: Miniature dachshund companion
  • Trouble: Needs a carry-carry from time to time
  • Aspect: Squeeze in tight spaces
  • Aspect: A very loud bark!
  • Aspect: A big appetite for such a little dog
  • Careful: 0
  • Clever: +2 
  • Flashy: +1
  • Forceful: +1
  • Quick: +3
  • Sneaky: +2
  • Ankle Biter - Take +2 to Quick Approach to trip an adversary with longer legs than yours. 
  • Hound's Eyes - Take +2 to Clever Approach to beg or plead for something you want.
  • Big Jump! - Take +2 to Flashy Approach to attempt a leap or jump that looks impossible for a creature of your small stature.
  • Sniff It! - Take +2 to Careful Approach when using your nose and mouth to Create an Advantage in learning something about a Mystery Substance. Don't be surprised when you are Compelled to eat something that is Bad to Eat anyway. 

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