Monday, September 8, 2014

Dr. Langelaan's Mass-Discrepant Hybridizer

The Fly (1958)

Dr. Langelaan's Mass-Discrepant Hybridizer (Curse/Planar, Cost, Per Scene, Permanent, Requires at least two other Curse/Planar spells, Corrupting): This casting dates back to the first experiments with matter transmission in the Pre-Diasporic Era. Failure to provide proper containment or shielding in these matter transmission experiments produced a series of disastrous random hybridizations between creatures of radically different morphologies and mass profiles. The most notorious of these sports of nature was the human-insect hybrid known as The Fly.

Dr. Langelaan's Mass-Discrepant Hybridizer requires laboratory trappings, or portable scientific equipment that provides the affect of scientific disciplinarity.  The caster rolls CHA +2 in a Create an Advantage attack vs. the CON of each targeted person/creature. If the caster's roll is higher than the individual rolls for each targeted person/creatures, then the result is a permanent hybrid combining the Aspects, Skills, and Stunts of both targets.

Resulting details for the hybrid will be determined by the GM.* Such creations are typically intelligent, but are quite often driven to madness by the transformation and the sudden perversion of their sensoria and memories.

A caster who plans to use this formula will often secret small vials of insects, or containers with snakes or similar vile creatures, in their sanctum for precisely this use. This formula is Corrupting and its use constitutes a Major Infraction.

This casting is one of the preferred punishments that Nexialists inflict on intruders and those who persecute their Order. In this way, the Nexialists create new monsters to stock the defensive labyrinths within their Institutes. At times they also release these hybrids to punish individuals and communities that they deem to have persecuted their Order in some way.

*But we'll present the Flybrid tomorrow, so stay tuned True Believers.


  1. Those Nexialists are not to be trifled with.

    1. They've learned from experience that the best defense is an overwhelming offense.