Friday, May 10, 2013

The Alwyn Campaign Links and Resources

The Alwyn Campaign is an Earth-based far future campaign set in the Babylon 5 universe. The year is 3262, hundreds of years after the Great Burn, a nuclear war that destroys Earth civilization. Humanity has crawled back up to a medieval/early Renaissance level of technology, but most humans are highly distrustful of the technologies that led to the Great Burn. The setting is featured in one of the B5 future history vignettes of the episode "Deconstruction of Falling Stars", and is reminiscent of the science fiction classic, A Canticle for Lebowitz by Walter M. Miller. 

Very Brief Intro to the Setting

More Descriptive Introduction to the Setting

Setting Locations and Parameters

Handling Ancient Lore and Tech In The Alywn Campaign

First Session Set Up

The Alwyn Campaign Google Map

Babylon 5 Starship Table used in Session 4 (see Session Reports, below)

Treasure Found
Dramatis Personae:
  • Francis, High ConceptRaised By BearsTroubleUncivilized. Other Aspects include: All problems can be solved by charging, yelling, and waving a giant Axe and Chosen of [the Giant Squirrel God].
  • DerekHigh ConceptOutcast MerchantTroubleDrunkard. Other Aspects include: Knows the cost of everything, value of nothing"Million Pockets"; and Skankeroon.
  • Big AlHigh ConceptFort Snelling's Hardest Working HustlerTroubleIt always costs a favor. Other Aspects include: Pillar of the (criminal) community; and Nothing worth having is behind an open door.
  • LarissaHigh ConceptIntrepid HunterTroubleCurious, other Aspects include: At home in the wildEagle-eyed; and Iron Stomach.
  • The Blacksmith - Henry Leroy Jenkins

Session Reports:

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