Monday, March 18, 2013

Saint Paul Dungeon Crawl

In last week's set-up session for the Alwyn Campaign, the players first created a set of parameters and desired setting features and locations for adventure.

Urban Explorer MuppySkum
in the sewers beneath St. Paul
Just before the session concluded, the players decided that their first expedition would be to the St. Paul Caves. I am going to assume that they mean the Wabasha Street Caves, specifically, but the entirety of Downtown St. Paul has cavern complexes - some quite dangerous - as I learned while viewing the Action Squad's website on Twin Cities urban exploration.

Their goal is to find some truly ancient booze from before the Great Burn, which they believe may be squirreled away in the caves.

I am looking forward to their upcoming St. Paul Dungeon Crawl!


  1. Those pictures were definitely not from today! We're under a winter storm advisory until this morning- 1AM here in the Twin Cities!

  2. @Jeffry: The photos were of course from the future! We figure that with a major human die-off and possible nuclear winter after the Great Burn, the climate change problem is dealt with and MN has resumed its historical pattern of cold-cold winters. Our state has only two months in its recorded history that have never had snow - July and August - so we can assume the picture came from one of those two months.

    Seriously, though, the storm yesterday was a doosie! My Crown Vic got stuck 3-4 times in the morning drive on city streets. The slightest slope caused trouble. Time for Spring!