Saturday, March 23, 2013

FATE SF Indexes - Starting With The Alwyn Campaign

Crumbly Fort Snelling

I started a FATE SF Indexes page, which you can find right under the blog header. This will be a place to find indexes for various FATE SF series.

To get things started, I have indexed The Alwyn Campaign materials, including its new Google Map.

So far there are two pins in the map! More will follow as the PCs go places and discover things.


  1. Indexes are handy. We have a few to get finished ourselves.

  2. Excellent. I always like he when people index stuff--even though I'm slow to do it myself.

  3. @trey and Jim: Thanks! Hereticwerks many fine indexes were a major inspiration. I wanted to archive things in a way that makes it easy to players to find stuff.