Friday, March 22, 2013

Let Me Tell You About My Character

Wednesday night was our first session of play with the Alwyn Campaign model. I'll do my best tomorrow to post the overdue session report. It was a fun session!

Since at the beginning of the session, the players needed to spend a bit of time finishing their characters, I decided to do the +Brad Murray thing and create a character of my own - to use as an NPC or to play him myself if someone else eventually wants to GM.

Our setting is the post-apocalyptic Earth of Babylon 5's far future. Technology is at a 14th Century level. So blacksmiths are back in. And they're burly dudes. I have to admit it. Ever since I read Samuel R. Delaney's Neveryon series I've wanted to do a blacksmith.

So here he is. I won't give you his full name. Oh Hell, I will!  His name is Henry Leroy Jenkins. He doesn't call out his name when he wades into battle, and he doesn't get his buddies killed. And he has a big-ass hammer!

The Blacksmith

Name: Henry Leroy Jenkins
High Concept: Ass-kicking Blacksmith
Trouble: Cult of Hephaestus
Other Aspects:
  • Big Ass Hammer*
  • I can make Fire!
  • Good work doesn't come cheap
  • Forceful +3
  • Careful +2
  • Clever +2
  • Flashy +1
  • Quick +1
  • Sneaky 0
  • Hit the Weak Spot: Because a blacksmith knows how to Hit the Weak Spot, Henry gets a +2 to Forceful attack on an armored foe once per scene.
Refresh: 3

* Which led to a discussion in play about what an ass hammer was

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  1. Leeeeroy! Fuck yeah!

    Also, rock on, Happy Jacker.